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File:Wikimania Opening Ceremony Adam Novak-0012.jpg
Mary Gardiner, giving the keynote at Wikimania 2012
  • Some people think it’s lame, but WikiLove works: it increases engagement and survivability. — Brandon Harris, software architect
  • To incorporate the sum of human knowledge, you need to incorporate the sum of humans. — Mary Gardiner
  • What are people doing online in Africa? Checking crop prices? Reporting malaria outbreaks? No. They’re doing exactly what you and I do. — Jimmy Wales
  • Non-commercial... whatever the hell that means. — Greg Grossmeier, Creative Commons
  • If multiple levels of security and access are important to you, don't choose MediaWiki. — Sumana Harihareswara
  • Design for participation. — David Witzel, EdgeLab. Here's his recently published report, Designing Open Projects from the IBM Center for the Business of Government
  • The Help sucks. — Everyone
  • With all this growth, as you'd guess, everything is working as expected. — Ryan Lane