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I’m a geophysicist with 5 years of experience in Oil and Gas exploration in operator and service companies. My professional experience includes 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, well-correlation, well-log interpretation, seismic attributes and velocity modeling, gravity and electro-magnetic methods in basin along Brazilian and West African margins. This was gained through practical experience working as geophysics consultant at Halliburton (participating in projects at Petrobras, Ecopetrol, Lusitania and OGX) and National Observatory and my academic background including a PhD in Geophysics and MSc in Geomorphology. During this period I continued the development of new methods which were published in international peer-reviewed Geophysical journals. I am proficient with industry software: ● Landmark (Halliburton) interpretation and data managment software: DesicionSpace, GeoProbe, Seisworks, SynTool, DepthTeam, PostStack, SpecD; OpenWorks and Data Managment tools. ● Petrel - 3D modelling, geophysical and geologic interpretation.. ● Geosoft OasisMontaj. ● Matlab. ● ArcGIS Fluency in written and spoken English, Portuguese and Russian.