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Consultant at Agile* Geoscience and maintainer of this wiki. I am kwinkunks in Wikipedia, Twitter, Gmail, and elsewhere.

Testing in the main Sandbox. Testing in My sandbox.

Notes about installing MediaWiki. Notes about upgrading MediaWiki.

Link to some MediaWiki tips — e.g. backing up the database, etc.

You are {{#user:}}. The FULLPAGENAME is User:Matt and the NAMESPACE is User



Recent changes

No changes during the given period match these criteria.

Things to do

  • Update to last LTS 1.31: Instructions
  • SSL
  • Name?
  • URL: maybe?
  • Reconnect Twitter?
  • Connect to Slack channel? Extension
  • Check:
    • Echo, Flow, Thanks
    • Semantic MediaWiki
    • Semantic Extensions
    • ConfirmEdit, SpamBlacklist
    • Collections
    • Elastic Search
  • Cache — previously got MWException with CACHE_ACCEL



Pages needing attention

Things to do

  • Is it possible to transclude a file's description onto a page? Ideally, right from the file call. Would be useful.
  • Fix up {{Free}} et al.
  • Install Parsoid and VisualEditor
  • Fix Lua scripting and install Lua versions of templates
  • The wikilove extension looks awesome
  • Fuzzy search
  • Backup cron
  • Look again at scripts — [1]
  • Echo — I think this requires MW 1.22, and might replace the PHP mail stuff...
  • Category:Rock_properties — also add Evan's cheatsheet properties... perfect for SMW

Things to install


I'm open to suggestions for gadgets. There are two installed now: see your Preferences page. Here's a page with a list of the ones on Wikipedia.

This is a test.