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Supervisord or Supervisor daemon is an open source process management system. In a nutshell: if a process crashes for any reason, Supervisor restarts it. From the Supervisord website:[1]

Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems.

It shares some of the same goals of programs like launchd, daemontools, and runit. Unlike some of these programs, it is not meant to be run as a substitute for init as “process id 1”. Instead it is meant to be used to control processes related to a project or a customer, and is meant to start like any other program at boot time.

Agile uses Supervisor to monitor the PediaPress PDF server tools on this wiki, and to monitor modelr-server on its EC2 instance.


sudo pip install supervisord

Setting up

Supervisor itself can generate its config file:

sudo echo_supervisord_conf > /etc/supervisord.conf
sudo vi /etc/supervisord

Make the necessary changes. For example, for Collection setup:

  1. Change the server name from to * and add this:
  2. Then add the programs to supervise:

command = mw-qserve

command = nserve

command = nslave --cachedir /var/cache/mwlib

command = postman --cachedir /var/cache/mwlib

Set up as a service...

...on Ubuntu

Grab supervisord.init:

Make sure the service executable is owned and executable by root:

sudo chown root:root /etc/init.d/supervisord
sudo chmod 775 /etc/init.d/supervisord

Then start the service:

sudo /etc/init.d/supervisord start

...on RedHat Linux

Use chkconfig:

First, set it up for service management, so it comes up at reboot:

sudo cp ~/supervisord.init_redhat /etc/rc.d/init.d/supervisord
sudo cp ~/supervisord.sysconfig_redhat /etc/sysconfig/supervisord

Make sure nothing is running with ps -ef, then kill if they are.

Then add the service:

sudo chkconfig --add supervisord

Then start the service:

sudo service supervisord start

And turn it on:

sudo chkconfig supervisord on

Bounce the server to make sure.

...on other systems

See their various init scripts.


  1. — Project website