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Rock physics includes topics related to dynamic rock properties. See rock mechanics for static and quasi-static properties of rocks, and their behavior within the elastic, and inelastic, and failure regimes.

Important papers

  • Ojala, I.O. Using rock physics for constructing synthetic sonic logs, ROCKENG09: Proceedings of the 3rd CANUS Rock Mechanics Symposium, Toronto, May 2009 (Ed: M.Diederichs and G.Grasselli), Paper 4016, 10p.
  • Castagna, J, M Batzle, and T Kan (1993), Rock Physics - The Link Between Rock Properties and AVO Response. In Castagna, J and M Backus, eds. Offset-Dependent Reflectivity—Theory and Practice of AVO Analysis, 1993, p 135–171, DOI: 10.1190/1.9781560802624.
  • Han, D, A Nur, and D Morgan (1986), Effects of porosity and clay content on wave velocities in sandstones. Geophysics, November 1986, p 2093–2107, DOI: 10.1190/1.1442062.
  • Hashin, Z., and Shtrikman, S., 1963, A variational approach to the elastic behavior of multiphase minerals: J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 11, 127-140,DOI:10.1016/0022-5096(63)90060-7.

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