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Deng, 2009
MrAnisotropy 820
Reference Jixin Deng, Shangxu Wang and De-hua Han

, 2009, The velocity and attenuation anisotropy of shale at ultrasonic frequency, J. Geophys. Eng. 6 269

Sample type Core
Description Beijing Jurassic Shale
Lithology Shale
Age Jurassic
Location China
Vp 5138 m/s16,856.956 ft/s <br />
Vs 2081.1 m/s6,827.756 ft/s <br />
Epsilon 0.53081
Delta 0.446305
Gamma 0.55548
P_pore 29.9026 MPa
Frequency 500000 Hz
Fluid oil
Saturation sat