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Dewhurst, 2011
MrAnisotropy 697
Reference David N. Dewhurst, Anthony F. Siggins, Joe l Sarout, Mark D. Raven, and Hege M. Nordgård-Bolås, 2011, Geomechanical and ultrasonic characterization of a Norwegian Sea shale, GEOPHYSICS, VOL. 76, NO. 3 (MAY-JUNE 2011)
Sample type Core
Description Norwegian Sea Shale
Lithology Shale
Location Norwegian Sea
Vp 3346 m/s10,977.691 ft/s <br />
Vs 1869 m/s6,131.89 ft/s <br />
Epsilon 0.046459198
Delta 0.083682008
Gamma 0.139677927
Eff_stress 11.73999977 MPa
Ax_stress 11.73999977 MPa
Saturation sat