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Whenever you show seismic sections in a paper or presentation, it's important to show the polarity of the data.

Copy the image from the relevant cell into your clipboard and paste it into your document, presentation or poster. A selection of standard colorbars is shown here, but if you would like another colorbar sent a note to us at Agile.

Hard layer Soft layer
colorbar American European American European
Black-white HardLayer American Black-white.png HardLayer European Black-white.png SoftLayer American Black-white.png SoftLayer European Black-white.png
Black-white-red HardLayer American Black-white-red.png HardLayer European Black-white-red.png SoftLayer American Black-white-red.png SoftLayer European Black-white-red.png
Blue-white-red HardLayer American Blue-white-red.png HardLayer European Blue-white-red.png SoftLayer American Blue-white-red.png SoftLayer European Blue-white-red.png
Dark Blue-white-red HardLayer American DkBlue-white-red.png HardLayer European DkBlue-white-red.png SoftLayer American DkBlue-white-red.png SoftLayer European DkBlue-white-red.png
Flame-white-black HardLayer American flame-white-black.png HardLayer European flame-white-black.png SoftLayer American flame-white-black.png SoftLayer European flame-white-black.png
Flame-white-blue-black HardLayer American flame-white-blblack.png HardLayer European flame-white-blblack.png SoftLayer American flame-white-blblack.png SoftLayer European flame-white-blblack.png
Cyan-black-white-brown-yellow HardLayer American yellow-brown-white-cyan.png HardLayer European yellow-brown-white-cyan.png SoftLayer American yellow-brown-white-cyan .png SoftLayer European yellow-brown-white-cyan .png
Blue-black-white-red-yellow HardLayer American blue-black-white-red-yellow.png HardLayer European blue-black-white-red-yellow.png SoftLayer American blue-black-white-red-yellow .png SoftLayer European blue-black-white-red-yellow .png
Rainbow HardLayer American rainbow.png HardLayer European rainbow.png SoftLayer American rainbow.png SoftLayer European rainbow.png
Flipped Rainbow HardLayer American flipped rainbow.png HardLayer European flipped rainbow.png SoftLayer American flipped rainbow.png SoftLayer European flipped rainbow.png

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