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This is a list of open seismic and geophysical datasets. They are listed according to the most basic data they contain. So, for example, some of those listed under field data will also have pre-stack data and post-stack data. Please indicate if other data, like well logs or production data, are also available.


Open Seismic data world map.png

Field data

  • CREWES Blackfoot, Canada, SEG Bookstore

Post-stack seismic data

  • F3, Netherlands, Open Seismic Repository
  • Laurentian Basin (2D), Canada, Open Seismic Repository
  • Blake Ridge, Offshore South Carolina, USA, Open Seismic Repository
  • [UKOGL]

Pre-stack seismic data

  • Penobsqot, Canada, Open Seismic Repository

Model data

  • SEG Salt Model
  • Marmousi

SEG's 2D data

From SEG

  • Two Hess VTI datasets for testing 2D anisotropic migration.
  • The 2004 BP Velocity-Analysis Benchmark dataset from the velocity-analysis workshop at the 2004 EAGE meeting, Paris, France.
  • The ``1997 2.5D dataset, from ``Strike shooting, dip shooting, widepatch shooting -- Does prestack migration care? A model study, by Etgen and Regone.
  • The ``Model94 dataset from ``Migration from topography: Improving the near-surface image, by Gray and Marfurt.
  • Mike O'Brien's ``Statics94 dataset created to test processing techniques for handling near-surface statics.

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Karl Schleicher of UT Austin is also making a list on SEGwiki... we should coordinate and/or replicate.