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The Open datasets collection is an online database of open subsurface datasets. The records in the database are stored in this wiki, in the Dataset namespace. They are also all members of Category:Datasets.

You can use the metadata in this wiki for whatever you want. Please credit the original publisher of the dataset by citing it as you would any other scientific data. If you use the data en masse, please link to this page which explains the provenance of the data.

Querying the database

You can query the catalog in various ways, either via the wiki or via the web API. Let's say we want to find datasets with a CC-BY-SA licence. You have a few options:

  • Go to the semantic search form and type [[licence::CC-BY-SA]] (note the two colons)
  • Make a so-called inline query on your own wiki page (you need an account for this).
  • Make a query via the web API with a rather long URL, e.g.[[Dataset:%2B]][[licence::CC-BY-SA]]|%3FDatatypes|%3FURL&format=jsonfm