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Northern Lights is a carbon capture and sequestration project in Norway.

The Northern Lights dataset is available from Equinor's open data portal.


The project is licensed under Equinor's custom data sharing agreement. Note that this licence does not meet the Open Definition and is therefore not interpretable as an open licence.

Project contents

It contains the following folders, which together total 81.4GB (most of which is the core data folder):

  • 02.Drilling_and_Completion
  • 03.Directional_Surveys
  • 05.LWD_Log_Data
  • 06.Wireline_Log_Data
  • 07.Borehole_Seismic
  • 08.Formation_Pressure_Data
  • 09.Well_Test_Data
  • 10.Fluid_Data
  • 11.Core_Data (the largest folder at 64.8GB)
  • 12.Geology_Data_and_Evaluations
  • 13.Petrophysical_Data_Evaluations
  • 14.Final_Well_Report_and_Completion_Log
  • 15.Production_Logs

The list ends at number 15; there is no folder numbered 01 or 04. More info on the content of folder 11.Core_Data can be found at this page: Northern Lights core data.

File types and sizes

There are 11 different file types in the dataset with TIF files making up 80% of the cumulative file size. DLIS files account for 17% of the file size.

File extension Number of Files Cumulative file size [MB]
.ASC 83 972.74
.DEX 1 1.59
.DLIS 96 13778.60
.LAS 18 22.49
.PDF 71 493.02
.sbg 1 0.19
.SEGY 31 133.25
.SPWLA 1 0.29
.TIF 536 64820.44
.xls 2 0.29
.xlsx 1 0.19

The folder 11.Core_Data/Core_Photos is the largest folder containing over 500 TIF files.

Folder Subfolder Folder size [MB]
02.Drilling_and_Completion 0.64
03.Directional_Surveys 2.28
05.LWD_Log_data 531.02
06.Wireline_Log_Data 11586.01
07.Borehole_Seismic 164.02
08.Formation_Pressure_Data 512.52
09.Well_Test_Data 1000.80
10.Fluid_Data 1.57
11.Core_Data 3.95
11.Core_Data Core_Photos 64815.31
12.Geology_Data_and_Evaluations 0.02
12.Geology_Data_and_Evaluations Biostratigraphy 23.28
13.Petrophysical_Data_Evaluations Composite 21.00
13.Petrophysical_Data_Evaluations CPI 5.08
14.Final_Well_Report_and_Completion_Log 11.40
15.Production_Logs 1544.00

Step 1: Register on the portal

  • Go to and click on LOG IN B2C (unless you are an Equinor employee).
  • Confirm your email and create an account.
  • Log in.
  • Click on Northern Lights.
  • Submit to the agreement.
  • Copy the Data link from the bottom of the page. This is the SAS URL for connecting to the 'blob container'.

Note that the Forum and FAQ do not work until you are logged in.

Note also that the site wants to open a pop-up window, so make sure you allow these in your browser settings.

Step 2: Install the Azure Storage Explorer

You need the Azure Storage Explorer desktop application in order to access the Northern Lights data. This tool allows you to selectively download parts of the dataset.

  • Go to Storage Explorer.
  • Choose your operating system, and download the software.
  • Install the software.

Step 3: Get the data

  • In the Azure Storage Explorer, click on the Select Resource (the 'plug' icon) in the left-hand menu-bar.
  • Click on Blob container.
  • Select Shared Access Signature (SAS), then Next.
  • Type a display name like Equinor Northern Lights and past the URL from Step 1 (above) into the lower text area.
  • Browse to the folder or folders you want and click on Download.

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