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MathWorks MATLAB software is a high-level programming tool intended for scientific computing.

There is a large number of free and public MATLAB libraries.

Geoscience MATLAB programs and libraries

This list is taken from List of free geophysics software.

Name Description Originator License Notes
Seismic Lab[1] Seismic processing toolbox Mauricio Sacchi, University of Alberta GPL
CREWES[2] Seismic processing toolbox Gary Margrave, University of Calgary Custom, free for non-commercial use
SegyMAT[3] Read and write SEG-Y files Thomas Mejer Hansen, University of Copenhagen LGPL
IMAGE2SEGY[4] Image converter Marcel.lí Farran, Institut de Ciències del Mar Creative Commons Requires SegyMAT
passeis[5] Passive seismic analysis Haishan Zheng, University of Saskatchewan Not obvious
seismon[6] Processing for earthquakes Stefan Mertl GPL


Strictly speaking, MATLAB code cannot be described as free, libre and open-source software, because it depends on the MATLAB suite of products, which are proprietary. So, for instance, it will never be certified as FLOSS by the Open Source Initiative or the Free Software Foundation. However, it is often free of charge and you can read the code, so you might regard it as open if you have ready access to MATLAB.

Even if you don't have MATLAB, most MATLAB code runs on GNU Octave, a FLOSS clone of MATLAB.

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