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Making some notes about getting MediaWiki going on Mac OS X 10.6. For other situations, see installing MediaWiki.

Story so far (on Mac OS 10.6)

  • Some people recommend MAMP, but you can get around needing it since Apache and PHP are included in Mac OS X, and MediWiki can use SQLite (included) instead of MySQL (not included, and seem to have some issues with passwords, permissions and stuff)
  • Uncomment line in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf to enable PHP5
  • Restart Apache server
  • Download MediaWiki and navigate to http://localhost/~user/mediawiki, then follow links/instructions
  • Choose SQLite instead of MySQL in MediaWiki installation

Getting the wiki on the web

I haven't managed this yet, but in theory, here's what's required.

  • Noting my local host IP address (
  • Going to Port Forward and choosing my router and then Apache, and following the instructions
  • Setting AirPort Extreme TCP ports to 80 and 443
  • Changing the local IP address to whatever it was

Installing math

  • Install Xcode tools from Apple (for make); 750 MB
  • Install Objective Caml, Ocaml; 48 MB
  • Install MacTeX for LaTeX (which I thought I had); it's a large package, about 1.5 GB
    • MacTeX is pretty cool because it comes with GNU Ghostscript and ImageMagick convert
    • I am not going to install cjk-latex for Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts, but obviously those are an option
  • Change first lines of render.ml to point at explicit path names of dvips, convert, etc. (very important!!)
  • Build texvc (texvc comes with the MediaWiki distro)

Other extensions

I used the standard advice from MediaWiki.org to install the following:

  • Cite, which gives <ref></ref> tags
  • Collection, which gives book-making functionality (installed but not configured or added to LocalSettings.php)