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There is a separate style guide for mathematics.

  • Only use sentence case - that is, only use caps for proper names, even in article titles and section headings. This is the same as Wikipedia's style. So the article on Poisson's ratio is Poisson's Ratio. Book and movie titles get Title Case, but that's about it.
  • Only use section and subsection headings in articles. This means two equals signs or three equals signs. Never one. Only four with a really good reason: there's probably a better way to organize the material. You may need to split into more articles.
  • Make as many links as you can, but in general only link the first time you use a word or phrase.
  • If you make a very short article, please flag as a stub by adding the tag {{stub}}
  • Use references[1]


  1. See the wikitext for how to do this.