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Learning about refs and footnotes. The full help is in Wikipedia's help.

Here are some refs using the group attribute.[a 1][a 2] And another that doesn't.[1]. Now we call {{reflist}} with the group attribute set.

  1. Reference 1
  2. Ref 2

Using group is the way to handle footnotes for multiple tables, for example.

And here are some more references without a group attribute.[2][3] We can't access the first group now, because it's already been listed.[a 1]

A section

You can also have a mini-list if you use LDR: list-defined references, by adding a group attribute again[z 1] And a second.[z 2] Note that the group does not appear in the reference list below, so that could be confusing.

  1. This is the first.
  2. This is the second.

You can also do this again, with the same or different ref names.[z 1] And a second.[z 2] Not recommended though.

  1. This is the first of the second lot.
  2. This is the second of the second lot.

Another section

This section uses EFN.[a] And another.[b] You can only have one section like this. So, for example, if there are several tables, you can't use {{efn}} to give them each footnotes.

  1. Footnote 1, which could be quite long.
  2. Footnote 2


These are all the ones that haven't already been listed with either {{notelist}} or {{reflist}} + group.

  1. Ref 3
  2. Ref 4
  3. Ref 5

Errors below here

Cite error: <ref> tags exist for a group named "a", but no corresponding <references group="a"/> tag was found, or a closing </ref> is missing