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Web API for exchange rate

We can use Yahoo APIs. Codes are ISO 4217. Here is an example query, asking for USD to CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and INR:

Example query for exchange rates

This is the result:

<query xmlns:yahoo="" yahoo:count="5" yahoo:created="2013-04-19T02:04:14Z" yahoo:lang="en-US">
<Name>USD to CAD</Name>
<Name>USD to GBP</Name>
<Name>USD to EUR</Name>
<Name>USD to AUD</Name>
<Name>USD to INR</Name>
<!--  total: 107  -->
<!--  -->


The rates the script fetches are stored on the /Currencies/ subpage.

The rates are fetched by Pricebot.

The script places the rates on a subpage of this one:

Bugs and enhancements

  • Update the list above from the actual currencies being fetched.
  • Remove the subpages for currencies which are no longer being fetched.
  • Do some error checking on the list to only work for real currencies.
  • Add a switch or code to turn the bot off and on, and a note on the bot's page.

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