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A comparison chart of integrated geoscientific interpretation software, commercial and open source. Please try to be as objective as possible.

Class is a way to put things into an approximate cost bracket. Be realistic. Enterprise means tens of thousands per seat, Commercial means thousands, and Free means free!

Package Vendor License Class Since Platform Installations Extensible Free SDK Language
SeisWorks Landmark/Halliburton Proprietary Enterprise 1985 Linux 1000s Yes No C++ and Java
DecisionSpace Landmark/Halliburton Proprietary Enterprise 2004 Linux, Windows 1000s Yes No C++ and Java
GeoProbe Landmark/Halliburton Proprietary Enterprise 1997 Linux 1000s Yes No C++
Petrel Schlumberger Proprietary Enterprise 1996 Windows 1000s Yes No C#
GeoFrame Schlumberger Proprietary Enterprise 1980s Linux Yes No
VoxelGeo Paradigm Proprietary Enterprise 1990s Linux Yes No
SeisEarth Paradigm Proprietary Enterprise Linux Yes No
OpendTect dGB Earth Sciences Open/commercial Free/commercial 2006 Linux, OS X, Windows 1000s Yes Yes C++
GeoGraphix[1] LMKR Proprietary Commercial 1990s Windows 1000s
WinPICS[2] Divestco Proprietary Commercial 1990s Windows
Glass[3] Divestco Proprietary Commercial ca. 2013 Windows
Kingdom IHS Proprietary Commercial Windows 1000s Yes
SeisWare SeisWare International Inc Proprietary Commercial 1997 Windows 1000s Yes No C++ and C#
Headwave suite Headwave Proprietary Commercial ca. 2010
Transform Transform Proprietary Commercial ca. 2006
DUG Insight DUG Proprietary Commercial ca. 2008
HRS Hampson–Russell/CGG Proprietary Commercial 1990s Linux, Windows
PalaeoScan Eliis Proprietary Commercial ca. 2007 Windows
GeoTeric ffA Proprietary Commercial ca. 2003 Windows, Linux
GeoCap Oil & gas[4] GeoCap Proprietary Commercial

Packages for shallow seismic

The list above is really about 'deep' (maybe 'meso') seismic reflection interpretation. Here are some other tools aimed more at shallow seismic:[9]

  • Geogiga
  • Reflexw


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