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Modelr body lab help.png exposes all of the parameters, and because of this looks rather complicated.


Model set-up

  • The thickness on the right-hand side — see figure
  • The thickness on the left-hand side — see figure
  • Traces with zero thickness
  • The time in milliseconds above and below the wedge
  • Rock properties of upper rock [Vp,Vs, rho]
  • Rock properties of middle rock [Vp, Vs, rho]
  • Rock properties of lower rock [Vp, Vs, rho]

Seismic experiment

  • Number of traces
  • Trace to use for non-spatial slice
  • Slice to return — spatial, angle, frequency; n.b. if you choose angle, you must give min,max for Angle of incidence
  • Angle of incidence — e.g. 0,60 for 0°–60° on angle slice
  • Wavelet type — see Modelr wavelet type
  • Frequency of wavelet — eg 4,160 for 4–160 Hz on frequency slice
  • Algorithm for calculating reflectivity — see Modelr reflectivity calculation

Plot setup

  • The title of the plot
  • Wiggle traces to skip
  • time [s] along which to plot instantaneous amplitude
  • Plot 1, overlay
  • Plot 2, overlay
  • Plot 1, base layer
  • Plot 2, base layer
  • Opacity of overlays
  • Matplotlib colourmap,
  • stretches the dimensions of each plot (bigger with > 1, smaller < 1)