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Your user page can play various roles:

  • Tell who you are, for example with {{user}}
  • Display badges to show what you can do
  • Keep notes to yourself
  • Try things in your Help:Sandbox, or sandboxes
  • An open notebook

Sometimes people develop whole articles in their user page, then roll them out when they are 'finished'. There's no need to do this, Just develop articles in-place, out in the wiki, where they belong. This way, they have a meaningful edit history and your user pages don't get clogged with chaff.


You can user subpages in your user page. This is a useful way to organize content. To add a subpage, just add [[/My new subpage/]] to your user page, then follow the red link to the new page. Or simply edit the URL to the subpage you want to create.

To get a list of all your subpages, add this to your user page, using your username:

<div style="XXXXX; width:100%; height:200px; border:1px solid #AAAAAA; padding-left:0.5em; background:transparent;">

Replace XXXXX with overflow: and auto (not allowed in SubSurfWiki, to help prevent spam.

To see most of the things you can do on a userpage, check out Mattheh's user page.