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TrainingThe fundamentals of editing
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Follow these steps to write a basic stub article:

  1. Go to your user page.
  2. Edit the page and add a link to [[/Basic article/]]. The first slash says 'make a subpage'. The second slash says 'don't show the first slash'. Note that article names should always use sentence case.
  3. Go to that article and pick a subject to write about
  4. Start with a short, dictionary-like definition:
    Wikis are websites that anyone can edit. Wikipedia is an example of a wiki.
  5. Add some top-level headings with two equals signs: ==Wiki software==. Again, use sentence case.
  6. File:Example.jpg
    This is the caption.
    Add an image using the file namespace (not image) — see right
  7. Try a list. Look at this one for a couple of tricks.
  8. Add a reference with <ref>...</ref> tags.
  9. Almost all articles have the following sections:
    • References — for the references you've used. You can also add others, but usually the only text here will be {{reflist}}
    • See also — for other articles in the wiki that a highly relevant to this one
    • External links — for links that are outside the wiki. Putting them here preserves the reader's expectation that wiki links point to other parts of the wiki.
  10. If the article is a stub, then make sure to tag it as such:
    {{Geophysics stub}}
  11. Articles should always have a list of categories at the end:
    [[Category:Geophysics]] [[Category:Reservoir characterization]]
  12. Enter a Summary with a brief description of what you did (always good practice), and Save

Quick tips

  • Use sentence case for everything: article names, headings, and categories. It's easier to read, easier to be consistent, than Title Case
  • Don't use <br> or <br />; it's almost never called for, except in rare cases, usually in a template, e.g. to make text look nice in a box.
  • Don't use = headings, and think hard about more than 4 ====
  • Try to use   between numbers and their units, or anywhere you don't want a line break
  • If you use a lot of quantities, {{val}} is very useful:
  • Don't miss this handy table of symbol shortcuts

Handy cheatsheet


Wiki cheatsheet.png