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This is a dummy article to help you get started with creating pages in the wiki. The first paragraph is usually a short dictionary-style definition of the subject matter. The gives the reader a quick answer, which may be all they required, and reassures them that they have come to the right page.

First heading

The main headings in the article are second level headings, defined with two equals signs in the wikitext. You never need to use the top-level heading style, defined with one equals sign, as it is reserved for article titles. As with a scientific article, you have plenty of freedom about how to organize your content, but the reader may have some expectations about the order and style that you may want to take into account.

This Produces
==This== This

Start with a brief bit of background about the subject. Relate it to other topics, using plenty of links. Create links with a pair of square brackets around key technical words and phrases.

Second heading

You can add as many sections as you think you need to 'spiral out' from the core of the topic. Use judgment to decide when to split out a separate article.


In longer articles, it may make sense to have another level of headings. There are not many occasions when you will need to use H4 headings (four = signs), so don't go there unless it's unavoidable. Never use more than four.[1]

Another subheading

If you feel the content is getting marginal, there are ways to hide some of it in collapsible sections, for example using {{divhide}}. For example, you may want to hide:

  • Large tables
  • Long computer code
  • Large image galleries
  • Very long lists
  • Large {{navbox}}es


If you have used <ref> tags in the text, you need a References section. Use {{reflist}} as a prettier and more flexible alternative to the more esoteric <references /> tag.

  1. Matt Hall, 2013, pers. comm. Sorry, this is the best reference I can find.

See also

Most articles should have a See also section, containing a list of other closely related articles in this wiki.

External links

In general, avoid external links in your articles. Instead, use citations and references, or put them in their own section.

Categories are listed at the very bottom of the article.