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What we did See also Atlantic Geology hits Wikipedia, a blog post on the event.

There's a proto-wikithon at the AGS Colloquium in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, on 9 February 2014. More info about this event here.


This is completely flexible, and some of these things will run in parallel:

  • What's a wiki? Why do we care? Are we just talking about Wikipedia?
  • Creating a user account and your user page.
  • How do you edit wikis? A 15 minute tutorial.
  • A bit about copyright and licensing.
  • Finding things to do.
  • Actually doing it!
  • Brainstorm some ways to improve geoscience articles related to Atlantic Canada.

Common editing tasks

  • General gardening: typos, language, adding links, adding categories, adding relevant external links, etc.
  • Refining or adding references to increase credibility.
  • Adding photographs, which requires them to be openly licensed or public domain.
  • Improve figures and diagrams, especially by creating SVG versions.
  • Improving stubs.
  • Substantial editing, or adding substantial new material.

Some editing activities tend to attract attention (not necessarily bad) and are perhaps not for noobs:

Relevant WikiProjects and Portals

WikiProjects are for editors, Portals are for readers. Here are some regionally focused ones:

And some thematic ones:

Relevant categories

Articles that may need editing

Start somewhere like Geology of Canada by province or territory and follow links; look for stubs and red links.


Articles that could be expanded

A good place to start: Category:Canadian geology stubs

Examples of existing articles

Other types of articles from regions around the world:

Handy templates

Other geoscience wikis

  • SubSurfWiki — mainly around subsurface geoscience
  • SEG Wiki — SEG's petroleum geophysics wiki
  • Coming soon: AAPG Wiki — petroleum geology


Resources and ideas

Two posts by Tim Sherry (PhD candidate at McGill) about improving Wikipedia as part of a classroom exercise: