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Testing images

I disabled image tags, because I couldn't see how to control image source. Here, for instance, the first link should work, because of MediaWiki:External image whitelist, but the second link should fail:

<img src=",40&chs=250x100&chl=HelloWorld" />

<img src=",40&chs=250x100&chl=HelloWorld" />

<img src="" />

Now, I have allowed Google images in LocalSettings, so it's heavy handed, and can't be easily added to,... and it still doesn't work. Doh!,40&chs=250x100&chl=HelloWorld,40&chs=250x100&chl=HelloWorld

Semantic web test

This widget features almost-live oil and gas prices and almost-live exchange rates. A Python script updates SMW Property pages every morning, which in turn provide the rates.

WTI crude
106.35USD113.986 CAD <br />62.481 GBP <br />78.157 EUR <br />113.05 AUD <br />
HH nat. gas
4.587USD4.916 CAD <br />2.695 GBP <br />3.371 EUR <br />4.876 AUD <br />
WCC crude
86.6USD92.818 CAD <br />50.878 GBP <br />63.642 EUR <br />92.056 AUD <br />

Testing MathML

Semantic MediaWiki

Just installed (March 2013). Ideas for semantic data:

  • Famous geophysicists
  • Rock property catalog (scrape from literature)
  • Fields around the world
  • Seismic vessels
  • Rigs
  • Software

Lots of exciting features coming, e.g. maps, calendars, timelines, etc.

Conversion of temperatures, e.g. 50°C323.15 K <br />122 °F <br />581.67 °R <br /> or 300°F422.039 K <br />148.889 °C <br />759.67 °R <br />, etc.

Conversion of distances, e.g. 4 km2.485 mile <br /> or 2300 ft701.04 m <br />.

Conversion of oil volumes, e.g. 300 million bbl47,696,188.5 Sm³ <br /> or 2.1 TCF59,472 MSm³ <br />.

Conversion of currency, e.g. 400 USD428.72 CAD <br />235 GBP <br />293.96 EUR <br />425.2 AUD <br />

Semantic maps

Try geocoding: 44° 26' 56.02" N, 64° 23' 13.82" W

{{#display_map:Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia}}
Loading map...

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