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These are some tricks that I use to get my ideas together. One of them might work for you. Try a few. Try them with dissertations, proposals, presentations, or emails.

Make some key figures
I find it focuses my mind on what really matters, and makes me think about evidence and clarity.
After making one or two key figures, it helps to write your conclusions. For papers, aim for two or three short ones at most. Theses need more!
Convince a skeptic
An ancient trick. Develop your arguments as if you had to convince the most skeptical person you know.
Dentist at a party
Imagine explaining the point of your work to a well- educated professional at a cocktail party. Don't bore them!
One minute
The elevator pitch. Imagine you have one minute to explain yourself to the company president and/or Nobel committee.
One thing
If there was one single thing you wanted your audience to remember (if you're lucky!), what is it? Make it so.
The f**k
@ryanmerkley's advice: menace yourself. Instead of answering easy questions like 'what's your work about?', or 'why is it important?', try answering these:
  • What the f**k is your work about?
  • Why the f**k is it important?
  • Why the f**k should I read this?