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  • * [[Meta-attribute]]s — such as combinations of [[semblance]], [[signal:noise]], [[bandwidth]], and so on [[Category:Image processing]] [[Category:Seismic interpretation]]
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  • ...mpling is the capturing of discrete data points from the continuous analog signal — a necessary step in recording digital data. Oversample it, using too hi ...frequencies in the observed signal to allow perfect reconstruction of the signal from the samples.
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  • ...exact time and frequency of a signal can never be known simultaneously: a signal cannot plot as a point on the time-frequency plane. This uncertainty is a p ...ime-frequency resolution, but it simply computes what you need for perfect signal reconstruction. It's no less 'true' than any other decomposition. Other tra
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  • ...angle, azimuth, and other geometric attributes that are important for data processing and imaging. ...traces are sorted by offset in order to perform velocity analysis for data processing and hyperbolic moveout correction. Only shot–receiver geometry is require
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  • | <code>scipy.signal.stft</code>, <code>scipy.signal.spectrogram</code>, <code>matplotlib.pyplot.specgram</code> | <code>scipy.signal.cwt</code>
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  • ...rote about the reason Fourier's work is so important in geophysical signal processing in a blog post, ''Hooray for Fourier!''<ref>Bianco, E (2012). Hooray for Fo ...em (the basis of the JPEG scheme), or interpolate them (as in CGG's REVIVE processing). Hooray for Fourier indeed.
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  • But we don't really need to — we can just use the SciPy signal processing library: [[Category:Image processing]] [[Category:Geophysics]]
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  • seismic interpreters but well known in several other branches of signal processing. ...Fourier transform of the natural logarithm of the Fourier transform of the signal: in essence, the spectrum of the spectrum. To distinguish this new domain f
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  • ...iples, reverberations, and hopefully even some signal. We have time during processing to sort it all out. [[Category:Image processing]]
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  • *Cooper, N (2004). A world of reality—designing land 3D programs for signal, noise, and prestack migration: a 2-part tutorial. ''The Leading Edge'' ''' ==Processing==
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  • ...iples, reverberations, and hopefully even some signal! We have time during processing to sort it all out. ...hings to do ever since. Favourite subjects feature scale, uncertainty, and signal. Guiding philosophies include disruption, iteration, and pragmatism. You ca
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  • ...also publish some awesome niche titles like the unbelievably geeky Signal Processing — RSS. You can subscribe to print issues of Spectrum without joining IEEE
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  • ...s a result, the exact time and frequency of a signal can never be known: a signal cannot plot as a point on the time-frequency plane. Just to be clear: this ...d by the relatively wide central peak in the spectrum. (e) A 768 ms, 32 Hz signal, padded to 1024 ms. (f) Its spectrum, which has the same sampling as (d), b
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  • | [[Dennis Gabor]] || 1900-79 || Signal processing
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  • .../journal/2011/9/14/g-is-for-gather.html G is for gather] — acquisition and processing jargon ...offset] - Both a parameter and a dimension used a throughout seismic data processing.
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  • Madagascar] and offer more advanced modelling and processing capability. * For example, it can do signal processing, data manipulation, scaling, display, etc.
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  • ...ore geophones with the mega channel cableless systems helps to improve the signal to noise and is a start, but comes at a cost. Interpolation has helped this ...cs that we approach but tremendous gains have been made in acquisition and processing technologies in the last decade that take us close to these physical limita
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