Sequence stratigraphy calibration app

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This project was proposed by Paul de Groot of dGB. Sign up on the project page.

Build an app that can be used to calibrate sequence stratigraphic interpretations by tying events to absolute geologic time and to help interpret systems tracts. The app should ideally be able to do the following:

  • Import and display the interpreted base level curve (import an ASCII file with two columns: relative geologic time and base level variation. Curves can be made available from the F3 offshore Netherlands data set)
  • Display the Haq sea-level curve (global sea-level variations versus absolute geologic time) in a user-defined time range that corresponds with the (expected, assumed, known) range of the interpreted interval.
  • Compute and display a curve showing Milankovitch cycles (variations in eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession of the Earth's orbit) in the same time range.

Possibly useful material

  • Paul provided an example base level curve.
  • TimeScale Creator — a free Java package, enables you to explore and create charts of any portion of the geologic time scale from an extensive suite of global and regional events in Earth history.
  • OpendTect development platform — Development projects, plug-ins, and information pages for programmers for for OpendTect Seismic Interpretation System.