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This property has type Text.

Allowed values:

Public domain

Note that this means the owner has no rights in the data, e.g. because it is copyright-free (much of UD government data is like this), or has waived their rights.

  • Public domain
  • CC-0

Permissive open licences

  • CC-BY
  • ODbL-Attribution
  • Other permissive

Permissive open (copyleft) licences

  • CC-BY-SA
  • ODbL
  • Other copyleft

Other situations

  • Custom — you know the licence, and it seems to be open.
  • Unknown — you don't know the licence but you think it's open.
    "constraints": {
        "type_constraint": "_txt",
        "allowed_values": [
            "Public domain",
            "Other permissive",
            "Other copyleft",