P-wave modulus

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The P-wave modulus is an elastic modulus, not often used in rock physics interpretation. It is usually denoted M.

M is analogous to the shear modulus, μ and is most easily understood in acoustic terms:

Therefore is equal to IP2, so one could invert for it relatively easily, as one does for λρ. One could consider M as a cousin to bulk modulus, K, in the same way that the 1st Lamé parameter is a cousin to shear modulus, μ.

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Conversion formulas — edit
The elastic properties of homogeneous isotropic linear elastic materials are uniquely determined by any two moduli. Given any two, the others can thus be calculated. Key reference: Mavko, G, T Mukerji and J Dvorkin (2003), The Rock Physics Handbook, Cambridge University Press.

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