Openness Unsession 2014

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The Openness Unsession took place at the Canada GeoConvention 2014 on 12 May 2014.

Session design

Start Minutes Who Activity Table hosts
1315 5 M&E Welcome
1320 10 All Introductions
1330 30 All Seismic game
1400 40 All Card game
1440 20 All Coffee
1500 30 All Industry scorecard
1530 40 All Finding opprtunities
1610 5 All Review
1615 1 All Thank you and goodbye


Here's what went out:

At the Unsolved Problems Unsession last year, this community established that Too much secrecy is one of the top unsolved problems in our industry. This year, we will dig into this problem, and ask what kind of opportunities solving it could create. What forces cause closedness to persist? What are the advantages of being more open? Where is change happening today? Where can we effect change next? We offer no agenda, no experts, no talks, and no answers. This is an open space for everyone to come and be their best and brightest self. So bring it.


You can share photos while the event is happening: use hashtag #unsession or email to You can view the wall here: Sharypic wall

Here's the Flickr photostream. All of these pictures are © Monika Deviat and openly licensed CC-BY.

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