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Welcome to AgileWiki
an encyclopedia of subsurface in oil & gas
262 articles • 0 active users

About us
About the wiki

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Good stuff

Some of our resources for geoscientists in oil and gas

Mobile apps

Our applications for Android devices; also see the page on mobile geoscience apps

  • Volume* — oil in place
  • Risk* — probability of discovery
  • Fold* — seismic trace density
  • AVO* — offset reflectivity modeling for $2
  • Elastic* — elastic moduli, largely replaced by AVO*
  • Tune* — our latest app for computing tuning thickness


Announcements and highlights from Agile*

  • ParserFunctions — The set of parser functions has been extended, for control functions like if and switch
  • SVGs are working! — You can now load SVGs as images and they will be rendered as thumbnails. SVG is the best file format for graphics.
  • New project — we started a page on open seismic data; please add any datasets you know of
  • Please help with anything you like! We are very open to feedback about our content, new ideas, or help with creation and editing. Welcome!

Wiki help

If you are new to wiki editing, please explore here


Some of our projects are in the development stages