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Welcome to SubSurfWiki
an encyclopedia of subsurface science
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About the wiki


Recent announcements and highlights

  • Video — May 2013 — you can include video now, from all sorts of providers. Help...
  • New version — May 2013 — we have upgraded to MediaWiki 1.21.1; watch out for new features and please report problems if you find any
  • Semantic MediaWiki — March 2013 — this wiki is now powered by Semantic MediaWiki 1.8; look out for our open data experiments
  • Please help with anything you like! We are very open to feedback about our content, new ideas, or help with creation and editing. Welcome!

Good stuff

Some of our resources for geoscientists in oil and gas

In development

Wiki projects in the development stages

A to Z

Important concepts and themes in petroleum geoscience.

Wiki help

If you are new to wiki editing, please explore here