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Welcome to SubSurfWiki
an encyclopedia of subsurface science
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About the wiki


Recent announcements and highlights

  • Mobile views — November 2013 — visiting the site with a mobile device now renders a nice, responsive view. Feedback on this welcome.
  • Image annotation — September 2013 — turn on ImageAnnotator in your Preferences > Gadgets.
  • Email — August 2013 — user-to-user email finally works! And you can reset your password. Phew.
  • Interwiki — July 2013 — refer to PetroWiki and SEG Wiki with simple links, e.g. [[pw:Well control]] and [[seg:Ricker wavelet]]. See the full list.
  • Feedback — June 2013 — anyone can quickly leave feedback on any article: look for the box at the foot of each page. We want to hear from you!

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Important concepts and themes in petroleum geoscience.

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