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==Mobile apps==
==Mobile apps==
''Small applications for Android devices''
''Our applications for Android devices; also see the page on [[mobile geoscience apps]]''
* [[Volume*]] — oil in place
* [[Volume*]] — oil in place
* [[Elastic*]] — elastic moduli
* [[Elastic*]] — elastic moduli
* [[Fold*]] — seismic trace density
* [[Fold*]] — seismic trace density
* [[AVO*]] — coming soon
* [[AVO*]] — offset reflectivity modeling for $2

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Welcome to AgileWiki
an encyclopedia of subsurface in oil & gas
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Some of our resources for geoscientists in oil and gas

Mobile apps

Our applications for Android devices; also see the page on mobile geoscience apps

  • Volume* — oil in place
  • Elastic* — elastic moduli
  • Fold* — seismic trace density
  • AVO* — offset reflectivity modeling for $2


Some of our projects are in the development stages

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Announcements and highlights from Agile*

  • Announced AgileWiki on the blog in early May, right before the CSPG convention
  • Version 1, really a sort of extended β, is the current status. It is accessible from Agile* and is anyone can create a new account
  • Just added the mobile apps section to the home page; we now have four apps in the Android Market
  • Please help with anything you like! We are very open to feedback about our content, new ideas, or help with creation and editing. Welcome!