List of seismic software libraries

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A list of open source software libraries for reading and writing seismic reflection data, especially SEG Y formatted files.

Note, these are not full-featured processing packages. See the big list on Wikipedia for that sort of thing.

Active projects

Name Originator License Language Read Write Rev 1 Rev 2 Notes
Unplugged.Segy[1] Jacob Foshee MIT C# Yes No Perhaps Perhaps
SegPy[2] Sixty North Dual Python 3 Yes Yes Yes Perhaps AGPL for non-commercial use.
ObsPy[3] Moritz Beyreuther et al. LGPL Python 2/3 Yes Yes Perhaps Perhaps Mainly intended for global seismoloical records.
PyGeo[4] Brendan Smithyman LGPL Python Yes No Perhaps No Previously UBC, now 3Point Science.
SegyIO[5] Statoil LGPL C Yes Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps Has bindings for Python 2/3 and MATLAB.
Seimic.jl[6] Aaron Stanton et al. MIT Julia Yes No Perhaps Perhaps SAIG Lab at U. Alberta.
segy-change[7] Giuseppe Stanghellini et al. GPL C++ Yes Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps Citable[8]
sigrun[9] Mikhail Aksenov Apache 2 Java Yes No Perhaps Perhaps
RSEIS[10] Jonathan Lees GPL R Yes Yes Perhaps Perhaps
segygo[11] Asbjørn Fellinghaug Apache 2 Go Yes Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

Not true FOSS projects

If the license is unclear or depends on non-open technology (such as MATLAB), it's not purely open source and should go here.

Name Originator License Language Read Write Rev 1 Rev 2 Notes
SegyMAT[12] Thomas Mejer Hansen LGPL MATLAB Yes Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps Depends on proprietary technology.[13] Stefano Fiorentino JavaScript Yes Yes Perhaps No Node.js library; license is unclear.

Inactive projects

Name Originator License Language Read Write Rev 1 Rev 2 Notes
SegyLoader[14] Cloudera Java Yes No Perhaps No Just a part of seismichadoop.
segy-py[15] Kurt Schwehr Python 2.4 Yes No Perhaps No Seems to have been aimed at earthquake records.


JavaSeis provides Parallel I/O for seismic processing and imaging, with MPI and Java Threads based parallel computation.

Name Originator License Language Read Write Notes
JavaSeis[16] Chuck Mosher CPL Java Yes Yes
JSeisIO[17] Fraunhofer ITWM LGPL C++ Yes Yes
TeaSeis.jl[18] Sam Kaplan EPL Julia Yes Yes
pyjavaseis[19] Asbjørn Fellinghaug Unclear Python Perhaps Perhaps
pyjseisio[20] Eric Addision Unclear Python/C Perhaps Perhaps

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