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Peer-reviewed journals

  • SEG Geophysics — GSW — RSS, or subscribe to a specific topic! — Old school. Subscription only.
  • EAGE Geophysical Prospecting — RSS — Kinda old school. Subscription only.
  • EAGE Near Surface Geophysics — no RSS — Subscription only. Niche.
  • CSEG Canadian Journal of Exploration Geophysics — recently revived after more than a decade off the shelf. Support Canadian geophysics and submit your manuscripts! All of the archives are freely accessible (though not 'open').
  • AAPG Bulletin — GSW — RSS (doesn't work for me) — has lots of articles relevant to interpreters.

Technical magazines

  • First Break — indispensible news from EAGE and the global petroleum scene, and a beautifully produced periodical to boot. No RSS feed, though. Boo. Subscription only.
  • The Leading Edge — GSW — RSS — SEG's classic monthly that You Must Read. But... subscription only.
  • Recorder is brilliant value for money, even if it doesn't have an RSS feed. It is also publicly accessible after three months, which is rare to see in our field. Yay, CSEG!

Other readables

  • SPE Journal of Petroleum Technology — all the news you need from SPE. It's all online if you can bear the e-reader interface. Mostly manages to tread the marketing-as-article line that some other magazines transgress more often (none of those here; you know what they are).
  • CWLS InSite — openly accessible and often has excellent articles, though it only comes out twice a year now. Its sister organisation, SPWLA, allegedly has a journal called Petrophysics, but I've never seen it and can't find it online. Anyone?

General interest magazines

  • IEEE Spectrum — RSS — a terrific monthly from 'the world's largest association for the advancement of technology'. They also publish some awesome niche titles like the unbelievably geeky Signal Processing — RSS. You can subscribe to print issues of Spectrum without joining IEEE, and it's free to read online. My favourite.
  • Royal Statistical Society Significance — RSS (seems to be empty) — another fantastic cross-disciplinary read. Subscription only, but you don't have to join the society to get it. I've happily paid for this for many years.

How to read it?

The easiest way is to grab the RSS feed addresses (right-click and Copy Link Address, or words to that effect) and put them in a feed reader like Google Reader. If you prefer to get things in your email inbox, you can send RSS feeds to email.

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