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SubSurfWiki is a publicly accessible, publicly editable wiki about the subsurface of the earth. If something is too esoteric or non-encyclopedic for Wikipedia, and has to do with the geology or geophysics of the earth, or with engineering underground, then maybe it belongs in SubSurfWiki instead.

SubSurfWiki is part of a community of open subsurface wikis including SEG Wiki. Please consider sharing your material in multiple places, to increase its visibility.

SubSurfWiki was launched as AgileWiki in April 2010. The creators of this wiki work in the geothermal and oil and gas industries, but we don't want to put up any barriers to other domains, or discourage any other subsurface scientists from playing around with this resource.

SubSurfWiki is maintained by Agile Geoscience, a consulting firm in Nova Scotia, Canada. In September of 2011, we removed some of the more obvious Agile branding from the site, to try to make it less 'Agiley', and changed the name. We will maintain the site as before, but don't want any barriers to people contributing or just poking around.

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