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Agile Geoscience blog reading for the uninitiated. These links will fast track and kickstart AAPG Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) contestants and exploration team.

Useful things

Basic cheatsheet

Geophysics cheatsheet

Rock Physics cheatsheet

Petrophysics cheatsheet

Petroleum cheatsheet

Practical things

The Agile Interpreter's Canon

How to create your own time scale

How to make a stratigraphic column

Visual crossplotting

How to cheat at spot the difference

The integration gap

Wherefore art thou, expert?

How to cheat

Software and images you might need

Geophysics apss FTW

Volumetrics on the back of a digital envelope

Building tune

Tuning geology

Reuse and recycle

Polarity cartoons

How big is that volume?

How to choose an image format

When to use vectors not rasters

Geophysics terminology

A is for amplitude

B is for bit depth

C is for clipping

D is for domain

E is for envelope

E is for envelope 2

F is for frequency

G is for gather

H is for horizon

I is for integrated trace

M is for migration

O is for offset

Concepts you need to know

What is a Darcy?

What is shale?

What is AVO?

What do you mean by average?

Location, location, location

Rocks, pores, and fluids

The effective medium

Philosophy and intuition builders


Confounded paradox

Must read geophysics

Will this change anything?

Smaller than they look

Reliable predictions of unlikely geology

Shooting in the dark

Four days of oil

Innovations of the decade

Innovations of the decade to come

Measuring value

More than a blueprint

The power of stack

Species identification for the rock kingdom

Bring it into time

On brevity

What is unconventional?

Shale vs tight

Great geophysicists #3

The scales of geoscience

Seeing red

Pair picking

Are you a poet or a mathematician?

McKelvey's reserves and resources

Please sir may I have some seismic petrophysics?